Deeper, Softer, Better

JetPeel™ handpiece is a patented, state-of-the-art technology that enables the delivery of fine misty jet streams at subsonic speeds to the skin’s dermis in a clinically safe and effective way. The special nozzle of the JetPeel handpiece is designed to break down the accelerated liquid jets into micro-droplets. The force of the jet streams stretches the skin with no pain or discomfort, opening microchannels deep into the dermis. The micro-droplets exit the handpiece nozzle and are delivered through the skin barrier, with no needles, no incision and no skin breakage. Direct transdermal delivery via the JetPeel handpiece means that results are immediate and effective, visible on the same day.JetPeel devices are designed for use only with JetPeel handpieces.

JetPeel offers a range of handpieces with different sized nozzles and configurations that are suitable for various aesthetic and medical applications. The JetPeel handpiece is the secret to the efficacy of JetPeel technology, facilitating the delivery of jet streams into the skin layers with a comfortable touch.

JetPeel Handpieces – Fine Streams of Therapeutic Care

JetPeel devices are compatible with a range of handpieces, designed for various uses and treatments:


The Magic handpiece is a single nozzle design, ideal for use in narrow areas, such as various parts of the face, mesotherapy and anti-wrinkle treatments.


The double handpiece has a double nozzle design, suitable for transdermal hair and scalp treatments.


The Single handpiece is a larger single nozzle design, ideal for mesotherapy and applications of solutions with higher viscosity.


The Triple handpiece is a three-nozzle version of the Single handpiece design, suitable for transdermal mesotherapy and ideal for most Jet Solutions and treatments.

Prestige Plus

The Prestige Plus handpiece features a luer-lock connector, suitable for any standard syringe, includes a built-in air shield, and is designed for sterile, single-use applications. It is compatible with JetPeel 3V.


The vacuum handpiece is used for removing comedones and other debridement treatments’ and for under-eye drainage massage.