JetPeel 3V

JetPeel 3V is advanced JetPeel™ technology in a specialist device designed for use in medical clinics and home care settings. A revolutionary approach for doctors and their patients, JetPeel 3V provides excellent rehabilitative skin treatment at the highest level of comfort.
Professional practitioners worldwide can provide patients with a clinically proven treatment method for a range of medical and dermatological needs. JetPeel 3V is a non-invasive, safe and pleasant treatment experience that supports patient comfort and satisfaction.

JetPeel 3V: Make the Change Your Patients Want

JetPeel 3V is a world-first non-invasive and effective treatment device based on jet propulsion technology adapted to the world of dermatology and aesthetics. In the JetPeel 3V device, pressurized gas is transformed into fine misty jet streams traveling at sonic speed of over 200 m/sec. Via the JetPeel patented handpiece, the jet streams stretch the skin surface and enable penetration deep into the dermis with no needles, no incision, no heat applications and no scar tissue buildup.JetPeel 3V is equipped with CO2 and O2 connections for the treatment of skin diseases and wound care and rehabilitation.

JetPeel 3V is designed for use only with
JetPeel patented handpieces.

Jet Solutions facilitate various treatment applications and
options for your clientele.


Dimensions: 460mm x 550mm x 990mm
Weight: 35 kg
Mobile: Integral base-wheels
Medical Air Source: Cylinder
Max. Source Pressure: 95 psi
Liquid Source: Disposable solution container